Colegio de Arbitros de Futbol de Los Angeles (CAFLA) is a non-profit soccer referee organization founded on March 23rd, 1962 by Mr. Ricardo Barbas Tamayo (1940-2018) and other former professional soccer referees.

In 1994, CAFLA was incorporated as an official non-profit organization in the City of Commerce by Mr. Arturo Angeles and since then has been legally known as CAFLA, Inc.

Mr. Ricardo Barba Tamayo, CAFLA Founder
Mr. Ricardo Barba Tamayo (c. 1970) dressed in the soccer referee uniform of the time.
Official CAFLA document from 1976
Official document presented to the CAFLA Board in 1976. This document names all the presidents and founding members from 1962.


The focus of CAFLA is to develop individuals who demonstrate an interest in officiation soccer to become the best referees they can be based on their abilities.


To develop soccer referees, instructors, and assessors by promoting the study, understanding, and proper application of the Laws of the Game.



  1. Develop referees, with the desire, commitment, and dedication to officiate with similar manner at all levels of the game competition.
  2. Prepare referees to be recognized as CAFLA referees.